Significantly Statistical

This will be a blog about things that I find statistically interesting. This will be a combination of work-related topics as well as items vaguely about statistics I find generally interesting  from the news and twitter (the bar for “interesting” will be roughly at shin-level). I make no promises about not posting pictures of my cats. I hope it will be interesting to others, but if not I am sure I will still enjoy writing it.


I’m not convinced I have the stamina for a blog really. I am hoping it doesn’t peter out (particularly having petered in so perfectly) and just become an advert for how difficult I found sustaining it. If that happens, go ahead and assume I am spending more time with my family, or working harder, or volunteering somewhere dangerous and feel bad about yourself wasting your time reading stupid blogs.

In honesty, this is a title in need of a blog. I was so amazed that no one had cyber squatted on the name “significantlystatistical” that I almost started questioning whether it was a good idea. But then I had signed up so the moment had passed and this is where we are. Spread the word. A mere 18 years after the word “blog” was used, there’s a new blogger in town. He’s got opinions on things and while they may be loosely formed and poorly articulated he’s gonna share both of them. And it’s gonna be Σιgηιfιcαητly Στατιςτιcαl.



IMG_0009 IMG_0010



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